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Living Sisu is a sport and wellness platform to offer limitless all-in-one access to live the SISU lifestyle: resources, exclusive offers and events – powered by athletes, professionals in their field and renowned companies. Living Sisu’s mission is simple: give the world limitless access to sports and wellness. Our commitment to education, an active lifestyle and connecting you to the right resources is the key to a strong mind, a healthy body and a sisu mindset. Learn on a daily basis, get access whenever you need it and activate your lifestyle.

Overcoming adversity teaches us to persevere; this relentless determination is embodied in a single finnish concept, Sisu. It’s an almost magical habit, a combination of stamina, tenacity of purpose, and conviction held in reserve for hard times.

We inspire you to live your Sisu through sport.

The Living Sisu platform is free to download. There is no monthly fees. That’s because we believe sports and wellness should stay accessible to all.

Living Sisu also have a Premium access at 24.99$ per year (that’s about 2$ monthly). Why go Premium ? Just more! You get more offers,  more content, more choice. You will save bigger and have early access to Living Sisu events. Upgrade to Premium today here.

Just a bunch of athletes and entrepreneurs who want to share their resources to the world to make sports and wellness more accessible to all!