Some Activities to Do This Summer

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

You’ve just finished your semester and you can’t wait for summer to come so you can enjoy it. I am very convinced of it. You don’t really know where to start and you’re probably asking yourself the following question: Sarah, what do you recommend as activities to do this summer? Well, dear friends, here are some suggestions.

Photo Credit : PFproductionsmtl

1. Practice a sport

If you already play a sport, don’t let go of this good habit. If you haven’t started yet, here is a list of sports you can play during the summer: tennis, soccer, badminton, spike ball, baseball, basketball, golf, volleyball, and more. Besides, you can also train at home. The most important thing is to stay active!

Photo Credit: Khrystelle Melé X Living Sisu

2. Visit a new region

If you’re able to go and visit a new region, do so! This will allow you to discover new places and admire various landscapes. And it’s always fun when you’re well accompanied.

3. Climb a summit

A few weeks ago, we released an article on eight peaks to climb with a Sisu mentality. Take inspiration from this list, have everything you need to get to the top in your possession and enjoy every moment.

4. Go to the beach 

Why not take a day off to go to the beach? Picnics, volleyball, and spike ball tournaments as well as a nice swim will help you escape the harsh heat.

Photo Credit : PFproductionsmtl

5. Come to a Living Sisu event 

Obviously, I wasn’t going to forget the most exciting summer activity! At Living Sisu, we organize various activities throughout the summer and these have been carefully chosen for all ages. On the menu, you will find joy, love, good humor, and a wonderful team who will be there to welcome you. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.

These are our five activity choices that I think will definitely make you happy. Who knows, maybe this summer the list of activities will grow. In the meantime, take the time to breathe and stop for a moment because you deserve it.

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