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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

If there’s one thing that I appreciate about Living Sisu, it is that we allow you to have all the necessary tools for you to develop a better lifestyle thanks to our various partners, the Inspire Podcast, the events without forgetting the articles on the Blog. Today, you’ll learn three tips that will help you get started with Sisu.

Get active

At Living Sisu, as you can see, we prioritize physical activity in all its forms, whether it’s playing a sport or just walking, running, or working out at the gym or at home. Have the right attitude and I assure you that you will have fun working out!

Photo Credit: Sarah-Lynn Pauléus X Living Sisu

Familiarize yourself with nature

Getting in touch with nature can only do good. Isn’t it true? Just being at the top after hours and thousands of miles is heartwarming. So take the time to observe nature around you and take advantage of the silence to admire the various landscapes.

Start small

By starting small, you’ll achieve great things. Go at your own pace and remember that life is not a race. Set yourself achievable goals and even if it takes you longer than the others, know that it is not dramatic and that at Living Sisu, everyone, without exception, is a champion.

Strive to keep these three keys in mind and you will go far in your sporting journey. With that, don’t forget to subscribe to or different platforms! We have several projects coming up and you sure don’t want to miss them out. 

Cover Photo Credit: Cindy Poirier X @cindyhook_ 

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