SISU HERO : Porter Hunter

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SISU, which is of Finnish origin, is an immensely powerful concept that is an integral part of their culture.  This word does not translate very well in other languages, but its meaning and significance is crystal clear. SISU is the inner strength required to overcome any type of challenge and adversity you may be facing. In other words, it is synonymous with determination, resilience, courage, and perseverance. Our mission at Living SISU is therefore to create a community of people around the globe who believe in the values and lifestyle that it represents. A challenging 2020 calendar year motivated us to highlight the SISU heroes among us. They are athletes who, in our opinion, have shown a tremendous ability to overcome certain challenges and get out of their comfort zone in their sport and/or in their lives.

For the month of January 2021, Porter Hutner was named the SISU Hero! 

Porter Hunter is a high school senior baseball player, playing for the Vauxhall Academy of Baseball Jets.
Hunter plays outfield, first base, and pitches, making him a two-way player.

Hunter, despite the challenging circumstances of this year, hasn’t lost track of his goal to commit with a NCAA D1 school. His work ethic in the gym and on the field has been exemplary. Constantly pushing to be better and improve, Hunter has set the bar high in the weight room for all other members of the academy.

“Hunter has been incredible to work with. He is extremely coachable, driven, and disciplined, all attributes of a top end young athlete. Those same attributes make him way more impressive, in my opinion, this is physical abilities. Nevertheless, Hunter is the strongest athlete on the team, and one of the strongest I have ever had the pleasure to coach throughout my career. And that includes varsity university and college athletes, junior hockey players, and high school athletes.”
– Alex Sirard,
EVO Athletics Lead Sport Performance Coach and VAB Jets Strength & Conditioning Coach.
Porter is training with our partner Evo Athletics. (See Evo Athletics offers here)

Congratulations Porter!

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