SISU HERO: Lysanne Richard – High Diver

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Photo credit : Frédéric Blais-Lacoursière / fblphotographe

If you’ve been following us for a long time, you know that we stand for anything that has to do with perseverance, tenacity, determination, and courage. So true to our habit, for the month of March, we are presenting you a person who embodies all of this. It is the high diver Lysanne Richard. She is our SISU Hero of the month.

“One of my missions is to demonstrate that nothing is impossible, even our wildest dreams! The important thing is to take it one step at a time and find the right-wingers. ” Lysanne Richard has been practicing high-flying diving for many years. After several hours of practice, a few weeks ago, she achieved a feat by diving from a 22-meter platform in a frozen lake, in the middle of winter in Quebec. Quite a performance isn’t it!

We can only imagine how it felt after taking on such a beautiful challenge. “It was just amazing!” She reports. What’s amazing is that this idea she came up with turned into a collective project. Despite the cold, nothing prevented her from making this dream she cherished so much come true.

Not only is Lysanne an athlete and an outstanding person. Above all, she is a source of inspiration for all. What caught our attention about her is that she constantly dismisses SISU in everything she does. She stepped out of her comfort zone and surpassed herself. She is loved by all and she never ceases to shine and amaze us in her sport. The entire Living Sisu team is proud of you and we look forward to seeing you at work in your future endeavors. Thank you for leading us so high.

By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus


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