SISU HERO: Charlotte Gaudreau – Bike + Gymnastics

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Every month, Living Sisu highlights the work and progress of athletes who show they can overcome challenges, adversity and ultimately, become better.

For the month of April 2021, we have chosen Charlotte Gaudreau, from Mont St-Bruno, Qc.

The 17-year-old has been a high level gymnast since the age of 4. It wasn’t before the age of 9 that she really dug into Mountain biking and later on the Cross-Country discipline. We had the chance to catch up with Cindy Montambault, who is a pro in the sport, to chat about Charlotte’s work during Zoom training sessions.

‘’Charlotte is one of the girls who participates the most in our group talks over zoom, she shows a lot of grit in the workouts I put together while also showing maturity and patience when faced with an injury that has been bothering her.’’ said the pro Montambault.

After an injury she sustained in gymnastics 2 years ago, she has been working to heal while also competing and improving in Cross Country. Seeing her apply the SISU principles to overcome such adversity is why Charlotte caught the eye of Cindy and the Living Sisu crew for this month’s honor.

After a brief talk with her father, he reiterates the fact that he is impressed with how well she has coped with the injury which she has been battling for around 2 years!

‘’She has kept morale through a lot! She is the living incarnation of the SISU life!’’ said the proud father Philippe Gaudreau.

We are happy and proud to support Charlotte as she makes her way through challenges in her beloved sport of mountain biking and we look forward to see her compete very soon.

Congrats Charlotte, keep up the hard work, keep living the #SISULife and we’ll see you in the trails some time soon! Thank you for being an inspiration and showing others the power of grit.

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