Overcome your Hunger with our Power Snacks

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

This weekend, you are going on a hike with some friends, your family, the person you love most, or on your own. You’ve got everything you need to dress up, but you’re missing out on snacks and drinks! At Living Sisu, we have a variety of snacks and drinks to suit your palate.

Photo Credit: Biosteel X Living Sisu

1. Biosteel

Biosteel offers you a variety of nutrition products that will help you maintain your energy. Their products will also allow you to earn your fuel naturally. Visit Biosteel’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Brix X Living Sisu

2. Brix

Brix is ​​an energy product made from pure maple syrup. It tastes super good. There are various flavors available for you. Visit Brix’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Naak X Living Sisu

3. Näak

Näak is the reference for soft bars during your hikes. They will help you get the right carbohydrate / protein ratio, all essential amino acids, high electrolytes, and cricket or plant protein. Visit Naak’s page and offers

Photo Credit: The Black and Blond

4. The Black and Blond

If you want a wonderful healthy dish to complement your evening or your weekend, at Black and Blond you will find some amazing dishes.

Photo Credit: Energy Bits X Living Sisu

5. Energy Bits

These plant-based ‘bits’ of food provide energy and stamina for athleticism, focus and are also a healthy and convenient snack. ENERGYbits® does not contain caffeine, sugar, chemicals, gluten or soy. Visit Energy Bits’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Evive Smoothie X Living Sisu

6. Evive Smoothie

Evive smoothie offers healthy smoothies that you can prepare quickly! They are organic, vegan and have no added sugar. All 14 flavors are available for purchase online (evivesmoothie.com) and in grocery stores across Canada. Visit Evive Smoothie’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Maple3 X Living Sisu

7. Maple 3

Maple 3 offers organic maple water, with no added sugar and has a low and no preservatives. You can drink it as is, steep it in your tea or coffee, add it to your smoothies, replace it with soda or create wonderful cocktails. They’ve just created three delicious new flavors.

As you can see, you certainly won’t be short of choices when it comes to your little cravings. We wish you a great day of hiking or walking and don’t forget to follow us on our different platforms.

Photo Credit : Maple 3 X Living Sisu

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