Gain Strength Thanks to Our Partners

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

Whether it’s to have more strength pre or post-workout or simply to be in shape, at Living Sisu, we are privileged to have partners who are specialized in everything related to proteins, supplements, and vitamins. Here are a few:

Photo Credit : Vitamin Patch Club X Living Sisu

1. Vitamin Patch Club

Vitamin Patch Club is the global leader in transdermal vitamins delivery. Transdermal delivery is a technology that allows you to wear your vitamins. The benefits of wearing a patch vs taking a pill are greater absorption (3x), true time-release, and the bypassing of the digestive tract directly to bloodstream. Visit Vitamin Patch Club’s page and offers

Photo Credit : Raceday Fuel X Living Sisu

2. Raceday Fuel

RacedayFuel wants you to consume the best food or drink possible for each physical activity you perform. To find out more, visit Raceday Fuel’s page and offers.

Photo Credit: Bodylogix X Living Sisu


3. Bodylogix

Designed with clean ingredients, Bodylogix offers natural products. They have a huge range of supplements and proteins. Visit Bodylogix’s page and offers

Photo Credit : Reeliv5 X Living Sisu

4. Reeliv5

Reeliv5 is a Quebec company offering natural products designed entirely in Canada. The company offers the ultimate solution to improve well-being by focusing on vitality and vigor. For restful sleep, calm, energy, endurance, visit Reeliv5’s page and offers.

Photo Credit: Kion X Living Sisu

5. Kion

Kion is a health and wellness company focused on helping people take the next step in their health journey. They are aware good health fuels a good life. Isn’t it true? A good life is something every person deserves. Visit Kion’s page and offers

All of these partners have one thing in common; they are all-natural, healthy, and beneficial to the body. They will also allow you to upgrade yourself and make you feel really good! Take care of yourself by making the right choices.

Photo Cover Credit: Xfitonway X Living Sisu

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