Dear Mom, Thank You

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All of these beautiful qualities are not enough to describe our mothers. They play such an important role in our lives and that is why we want to highlight their contribution to our existence by paying homage to them through these various pieces of advice collected.

“Do not take into consideration the words of people who will discourage you.”

– Johanne D. L.

“Stay positive, visualize your future and work hard to make it real.”

-Zach F.

“You have to know how to cook to please your girlfriend.”

– Victor M.

“Stay humble, never give up, don’t compare yourself to others, and surpass yourself! Be a good person and make a difference wherever you go. “

– Olivier G.

As my mother told me so well: No matter how much you go through, don’t give up, give your best and take the bull by the horns and count on God. Dear mothers, thank you for being who you are and for accompanying us through all stages of our lives. We love you and you deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

By Sarah-Lynn Pauleus

Photo Credit : Pexels

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