Classique KR : A Hockey Game for Leucan

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

On Saturday, August 7, the sixth edition of the classic Kevin Raphaël (KR) took place at the Sports Rousseau Center of Excellence in Boisbriand. A hockey game where several players from the National Hockey League, female hockey players, and several public figures competed to raise funds for Leucan.

Photo Credit: PFproductionsmtl X Kevin Raphael

One of Living Sisu’s co-founders, Zachary Fucale, was one of the players on the ice and one of Living Sisu’s amazing partners, Lysanne Richard, was also there to make the formal face-off.

Photo Credit: PFproductionsmtl X Kevin Raphael, Lysanne Richard, Katerine Savard & Mathieu Joseph

Anthony Beauvillier, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Jean-Sébastien Dea, Boko Imama, Mathieu and Pierre-Olivier Joseph, Cédrick Paquette, Joseph Veleno as well as Julien Gauthier to only name them were all present and were able to make many hearts happy. In fact, it was Mathieu Joseph’s team (two-time Stanley Cup champion) who won this sixth classic. Is it surprising?

Photo Credit: PFproductionsmtl X Pierre-Luc Dubois, Mathieu Joseph & Anthony Beauvillier

 Kevin Raphaël can be proud of this event because he was able to unite several hockey and entertainment fans in one place after months of a pandemic for a beautiful, good, excellent, and touching cause. Over $ 36,000 was raised and will go directly to Leucan. We wish Kevin’s team to confidently win the next edition of the classic. It was a memorable day and definitely one to repeat!

Cover Page Credit: PFproductionsmtl 

Photo Credit: PFproductionsmtl

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