Activities to Do This Summer – PART 2

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying your summer to the fullest with all the people who are dear to you. Here’s the part two of activities you can do to spice up your summer.

Photo Credit: Cindy Poirier

1. Visit Cindyhook Sports Adventure

Located in the Magdalen Islands, CindyHook is the place by excellence for your nautical activities. At CindyHook, you will have the privilege of observing the most beautiful sunrise and sunset while practicing paddle boarding. You can also go surfing, yoga, and kayaking. A destination you absolutely must visit this summer.

Photo Credit: Cindy Poirier

2. Stop at St-Joseph’s Oratory

It is one of Montreal’s best-known monuments. You can access it very easily and believe me, the sunset is magnificent there. You will also have an overview of the greater Montreal area.

Photo Credit : Khrystelle Melé

3. Go camping

Camping is always fun, especially when you are well accompanied. To disconnect a little, take the opportunity to go camping with your friends for a weekend. Campfires, marshmallows, music, and mosquitoes will be there. Our partner Owly Packs has all the necessary equipment that will help you have a wonderful time.

Photo Credit: Sarah-Lynn Pauléus

4. Take a tour of the Thousand Islands River Park

If you can’t go on a trip this summer to another region for X reason, the Thousand Islands River Park allows you to exercise water activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking but also to enjoy an outdoor day.


5. Go to the zoo

Who said the zoo was only for the little ones? In Quebec, we are fortunate to be able to visit various zoos to see the most majestic animals on the planet. The Granby Zoo, Parc Safari, Zoo Ecomuseum, and Parc Omega will bring you back to your childhood in an instant.

Photo Credit: Abby JB

I think you’re well equipped to continue the rest of your summer. Besides, if you missed it, here is our first list of things to do. Have a good rest of your vacation and don’t forget to tag us on your photos.

Cover Page Credit: Abby JB 

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