Who we are

Live your sisu

We are a community that strives to live the SISU lifestyle everyday and help others along the way. It’s the relentless determination, the resilience, guts, grits, the persistence and finally the inner strength needed when faced with a big challenge that drives us forward.

We are committed to providing you with the best resources possible to get through anything in life or in your sports journey.

Our vision

Think limitless access. Living Sisu’s vision is to become your go-to application for tools and resources for living a healthier, more active life. Ultimately, you will have access and a connection with the world’s best athletes, health professionals and brands

Our mission

Living Sisu’s mission is simple: give the world limitless access to sports and wellness. Our commitment to education, an active lifestyle and connecting you to the right resources is the key to a strong mind, a healthy body and a sisu mindset. Learn on a daily basis, get access whenever you need it and activate your lifestyle.

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What does sisu mean?

The concept of «SISU» originates from Finland. It is the inner strength required to push through tough challenges and adversity. It represents and embodies the following words: resilience, determination, guts, courage, tenacity and perseverance . We are on a mission to show that anybody can live and integrate their «SISU» into their mindset and way of life through sport.