These Walking Paths Will Make you Dream

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By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus

With the snow slowly melting to give way to the beautiful spring flowers that will gradually resurface, spring walks are back on the agenda. For the occasion, you must grab your best shoes and your light coat. In this new article, you will discover these few walking trails that will make you dream.

1. Hiking trail Nature Park of the island-of-the-Visitation

It is a great place for hiking. Loved for its estimated 8.5 km hiking trail, 11.3 km snowshoeing trail, and 7.6 km cross-country skiing trail, these will make the outdoors even more enjoyable. By the way, dogs are allowed and must be kept on a leash

2. Trail in Boisé Du Tremblay (Boucherville)

When going for a hike, some important aspects should be noted: serenity, calm, and when it is peaceful – these are exactly the characteristics that we find in this park. If you are a nature lover, this trail will satisfy your needs because of its rich biodiversity of species.

3. Notre-Dames-des-Prairies Country Trail (Ste-Julie)

In summer and winter, in a more than enchanting landscape, come and discover this magnificent 3.6 km wooden path. It is accessible to all and free of any charges.

4. Centre de la Nature (Laval)

This park known to many Laval residents is a wonderful place if you want to start in the field of walking. The walking path is 5km and you can also practice other activities such as sliding, skating, cross-country skiing. In addition, the Nature Center is the ideal place to discover nature in all its diversity. It also hosts various events every year.

Our partners Hot Poc, Naak, and Brix offer you multiple accessories and snacks, not to mention some energy drinks so that your walks can be more and more enjoyable. Whether you are an experienced walker or not, walking will do you good. It will facilitate the circulation of blood and give you multiple benefits. You just have to start and you will get to enjoy it. During your walks, admire the landscapes, embrace the silence and completely disconnect. A simple piece of advice from a friend to make your walks more enjoyable than they already were.

Photo Credit: Hot Poc X Living Sisu


Photo Credit : Naak X Living Sisu

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Cover Picture Credit: Naomi Vadeboncoeur ( @say.cheese.pretty.please)

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